Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

We have both had the jingle from Annie stuck in our heads all day…”Tomorrow! Tomorrow!  I love ya! Tomorrow!”.  We have gotten all of the supplies we need for Lexi’s arrival (although we did not need to get many things – she comes with quite a lot of stuff!) and now we wait.  I am both excited and a bit anxious, but overall really eager to begin bonding with Lex and getting to know her better.  I am a bit anxious about the transition, as it will be a big adjustment for both dogs, and us included, but I know that we have a good set-up that will make the transition as smooth as possible – we have baby gates to separate the dogs in different areas of the house, and Lexi has her own room where we will keep her crate, bed, food bowls, and toys.  She will have a comfortable space to call her own and we will allow the dogs contact with each other very slowly and carefully.  We are definitely ready for this next adventure!  As we begin to count down the hours (currently 24 or so!), the excitement is building.  Tonight will be spent making final preparations and spending some quality time with Zev.  After all, this is the last night of our 3 member family!  Tomorrow we become 4, and we are so looking forward to it.



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