Settling in…

All is well!  Lexi was super happy to see me this morning when I let her out of her kennel.  Her butt wiggle and smile definitely puts a smile on my face!  After breakfast John and I took the dogs on a short walk and both were great (aside from Lex stopping to poop in the middle of the road as we were crossing, lol!).  We kept it brief, though, as her paws are still sensitive and bleed a bit.  She is now hanging out on some blankets in the kitchen and has discovered her new antler…

this thing is great!

this thing is great!





chewing antlers is tiring!

chewing antlers is tiring!

our newest camera ham...

our newest camera ham…

and the original camera ham!

and the original camera ham!

Today will be another relaxing day spent hanging out with both dogs.  Both have behaved very well toward the other so far, monitored and through the baby gate, so we are confident that with time and patience they will interact with each other well.  It is VERY windy outside and the noise is a bit unnerving for Lexi, but otherwise she seems comfortable and is bonding to John and I very well.   We are both falling for her fast!






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