She’s Here!!!


It’s official.  Lexi is home.  January 18, 2013 – Lexi’s adoption day.  She is comfortably snoozing on her new bed next to me, sporadically snoring.  She has had an eventful day with a lot of changes, but she has so far taken it all in stride.  We are very proud of her!  Here’s a little more about how it all went down…

Taking a nap before Lexi's big arrival.

Taking a nap before Lexi’s big arrival.

Mom, is she here yet?!

Mom, is she here yet?!

(im)patiently waiting!

(im)patiently waiting!

Lexi (and all of her stuff!) arrived at 7:30 tonight.  After bringing her supplies inside, Laurelin and Brian walked her inside and right into her kennel.  We quickly went over all of the important details and signed our adoption paperwork, then said goodbye to Lexi’s two wonderful foster parents, amidst cries from Lexi from within her kennel.

As expected, Zev barked and whined for a few minutes from the bedroom where he was confined…the big baby was upset we didn’t let him meet the new friends who were in his house.  After a few minutes we let him out of the bedroom, attentive to what his reaction might be to another dog in the house.  He sniffed around a bit in the living room, meandered to the baby gate separating Lexi’s room, wagged his tail at Lexi in her kennel, and then went right back to his usual spot on the couch to continue napping.  We were quite happy to see that he was completely unfazed by this big change.  I love that he is such a calm and confident guy!

Lexi calmed down significantly after Zev’s drive-by hello.   She stopped whining soon after and seemed to relax in her kennel.  We left her alone to decompress for another half an hour or so, then decided to let her out of her kennel and sit with her in her room.  Armed with treats, we had some quiet bonding time with her, allowing her to smell us, check out her new room, and then eat her dinner (which she did without protest).  We spent a lot of time just sitting with her and talking to her, and Zev made a few more appearances on the other side of the baby gate to check on us all.  Both approached the gate calmly, with tails wagging, and then continued on with whatever doggie task he or she was doing beforehand – in Lexi’s case, getting some tummy rubs from John and I.

After a quick (and cold!) trip outside to potty, the four of us came back inside to receive more treats and get comfy for bedtime.  So here I am, writing this post as Lexi snoozes in her jammies and Snood, a happy and tired girl.  Needless to say, we are extremely happy with how the transition has been going so far.  We still have a long way to go, and we plan on taking everything slowly, but Lexi has been nothing but a dream and I can’t help but smile as I watch her twitch in her sleep next to me.  Zev, too, has been a complete gentleman and really seems to like Lex.  I’m going to give him a few extra hugs and kisses tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities and challenges, but I know that we will make it through whatever life throws at us, together.  Lexi has found her forever home, and we have found our Lexi.

So, now for the good part:  pictures!

a stash of pumpkin, yay!

a stash of pumpkin, yay!

"Okay guys, she's here.  Now let's go to bed."

“Okay guys, she’s here. Now let’s go to bed.”

She fits right in :)

She fits right in 🙂



My girl and I!

My girl and I!

Hello there, beautiful

Hello there, beautiful

Getting sleepy...

Getting sleepy…

Goodnight, all, and thank you for your continued support of this wonderful napping machine.  We are looking forward to spending many, many more days bonding with Lexi.




4 thoughts on “She’s Here!!!

  1. So happy for you and Lexi. We fostered her for a week when her foster parents were on vacation. She was nothing but a dream girl! Slept, napped and played with our pack like she had known them all her life. I would have loved to have adopted her. But then we couldn’t foster more babies like Ms. Lex, could we? Have a wonderful life Lexi and family! ❤ Judy and Miche

  2. It’s so awesome that Lexi is fitting so quickly with her forever family! I always love seeing pics of her in her jammies, and Lev looks like a real sweetie too. I look forward to following your blog~

  3. Congratulations! Thank you for giving Lexi her forever home and for continuing to blog her journey. I am looking forward to following your new adventures.

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