“Don’t worry, be happy!”

Today was a great day, fueled by the Reggae station on Pandora first thing in the morning!  When Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” came on, John and I both started singing along, which was met with a vigorous tail wag and kisses from Lexi!  We hope her worries are gone, or at least diminished, and we are pretty positive that she is happy as a clam.

Lexi is doing wonderfully and is adjusting really, really well…perhaps even more so than we anticipated after barely two days here.  She spent most of the day playing, napping, and eating!  Our short leash walks with Lex and Zev continue to go really well and she is having fun exploring the area around our house.  We live across the street from the water in a fishing port, and diagonally across from a state beach, so she will definitely get used to the ocean and fishy smells all around.  We look forward to taking long walks on the beach with her and Zev when her paws are in better shape.

Today I also decided to try making some sweet potato treats, and they are a big hit with both dogs!  I made a few different sizes, so there are some smaller, crunchy pieces and larger, chewy pieces.  Go me!  So, I think it’s time for some pictures!

cuteness overload...John singing to Lex and rubbing her tummy this morning!

cuteness overload…John singing to Lex and rubbing her tummy this morning!

hanging with our girl!

hanging with our girl!

why are we up so early??!!

why are we up so early??!!

post-breakfast nap

post-breakfast nap

his favorite spot in the house - on the couch looking out the window!

his favorite spot in the house – on the couch looking out the window!

mid yawn

mid yawn

Hi pretty!

Hi pretty!

being silly!

being silly!


Playing with her Sadie’s!!


IMG_2336 the aftermath! lol

the aftermath! lol

Some things we have learned about Lexi in the last two days:

1.  She LOVES her wardrobe – her jammies, snood, house coat, winter coat, boots, socks… Anytime we pick up an article to put on  her, her butt starts wiggling away!

2.  She LOVES to cuddle!  Anywhere, anytime, anyway.  She is cuddled up on me on the couch as I type!

3.  She looks so goofy walking around in her boots…I can’t help but giggle at her!  They definitely seem to make her more comfortable, though, on our short walks.  Her back feet are doing pretty well, but a few spots on her front feet will open and bleed a little.  We are using wipes and spray daily on all four feet and hopefully they will heal up soon.

3.  She snores, and she snores loudly!  She also fell asleep and started snoring within half a minute of going into her kennel last night.  Must have been a tiring day!

4.  She is a really, really good girl.  Seriously.  She is such a sweetheart.  She loves attention and really wants to please us, which she has definitely succeeded in doing!  She really likes Zev, too, and can’t wait until the time is right for the two of them to play!

5.  She has an amazing big brother.  Zev has been soooo good since she arrived and I think that in time they will be couch potato buddies.  He does get a bit jealous when we are spending time with her (understandable, of course!), but we try to give them equal amounts of attention and love and let him know what a good boy he is.  Zev got to go on 3 car rides today with John (one of his favorite things ever), so he was a pretty happy camper.  We are so lucky to have such a good moose!

6.  We feel so lucky to have found Lexi, and grateful that she has become a part of our family.

Till tomorrow…


6 thoughts on ““Don’t worry, be happy!”

  1. Thanks for sharing those pictures! Lexi looks like she’s doing great. I can’t wait to see how she and Zev do when they get to spend more time together.

  2. This is so great to see! I love the photos, both of Lexi being adorable and of her handsome new brother – I can’t wait to see photos of them together, when they are ready! Thumbs up on the blog, you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for being such an amazing home for the Gallump!

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