Terrific Tuesday!

Sorry for the corny title, I was clearly searching for an idea!  Can you guess how today went?  We are getting to know Lexi more and more every day, and Lexi and Zev are becoming more accustomed to each other every day.  They always greet each other with glee and welcome.  It feels like we have had the Peanut for weeks, maybe even months…and then I remember that it has been less than a week!  It’s hard to believe that we have made such great progress in such a short amount of time.  Zev has had a long few days of big brother duty and is curled up on the couch next to me right now.  Good boy!  He really has been a great and patient teacher and his calm energy really transfers to Lexi, especially on walks.  They are pretty funny on their walks – anything that Zev sniffs, Lexi must also sniff.  Anywhere he goes, she wants to go.  She LOVES him!  And he definitely loves her too, although his love shows in a more mellow way.

We are hoping that Lexi’s next batch of Cyclosporine arrives this week (a wonderful parting gift from Handsome Dan’s Rescue).  She has been a bit itchy over the past few days – not horribly so, but just enough to notice.  Her skin looks really good, though, so we think it is a minor issue.  We want her to be comfortable, so hopefully the Cyclosporine will be effective, as it has been for her in the past, and keep her allergy issues under control.  We are also hoping to give her a bath this weekend, which should also help, if we don’t get snowed in!  We don’t have a bathtub in our cottage, just a walk-in shower, so we will have to go elsewhere unless we can figure out a way to give her a bath in the shower!  Zev also really needs a bath, though, and wouldn’t be caught dead in the shower, so we might try bringing them both up to Duncan’s Doggie Wash in Warwick, a self-serve dog wash with big tubs and ramps to get into them.  It should be an adventure!  We also need to make Lexi’s follow-up appointment with Dr. Tapp, her dermatologist, to go over everything and check on her skin.

We hope all of you are staying warm in this frigid weather!  Lexi is definitely thankful for her winter coat and snood to keep her warm on her late-night potty trips!  Now, for the usual fix of cuteness!

being silly on the couch last night!

being silly on the couch last night!

all curled up

all curled up

playing with her dino!

playing with her dino!

boots on...now we just need harness, coat, and leash to go outside!

boots on…now we just need harness, coat, and leash to go outside!

one of his favorite toys. ever. that damn squeaky ball!

one of his favorite toys. ever. that damn squeaky ball!

Goodnight, all, from the moose (Zev) and the monkey (Lexi)!  Thanks for following along!






5 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday!

  1. Wow, Lexi and Zev are so photogenic…they could sell a lot of calendars! I especially like the pic of Lexi upside down on the couch. And so wonderful that they’re getting along so well~

  2. I just love this girl, she has so much personality and is so sweet! I have been following Lexi & her blog since she came into the HDR family and have since been rooting for her to find a forever home. It seems she has found the perfect fit and I am so very happy for her and her new family! Thank you for continuing the blog- I love to see how well Lexi is doing (as we all knew she would!) And how happy she is in her forever home!! Congratulations to you all and lots of love and luck as you continue your brand new adventure of forever, together!! ❤

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