Walking Champs!

Hey everyone!  I hope you and your canine friends are all staying warm!  The four of us braved the cold for a short mid-afternoon walk and, once again, it was great!  I even managed to snap some pictures before my fingers went numb:

I think Lexi would follow Zev off a bridge if we let her...she is his new shadow!

I think Lexi would follow Zev off a bridge if we let her…she is his new shadow!

being good pups!  not sure what they are looking at...

being good pups! not sure what they are looking at…

We have really been amazed at how well they have been getting along, and how quickly they have become best friends.  I mean, after their first meet-and-greet at Heather’s went so well we knew we had found the perfect partner for Zev.  But we had no idea that they would bond so quickly and behave so well around each other – we thought the process would be a much longer affair.  Lexi and Zev have close contact during their walks and have had no issues with each other.  I think we will soon be ready to allow them closer contact in the house as well.  Right now, they are each sprawled out on separate couches in the living room.  I am sitting with Lexi, and John is sitting with Zev.  This is the first time they have been allowed to spend time together in one room of the house.  Lexi could care less and is snoozing next to me.  Zev is a bit unsure of the situation but is curious rather than upset and wants to move closer to her.  We are very, very happy with this step, especially since we have had Lexi for less than a week!  We will continue to move slowly from here but are very pleased with how things are progressing, inside of the house and outside.

We are still waiting on Lexi’s Cyclosporine to arrive, but in the meantime we have made some decisions regarding her diet.  She came to us with two options she is accustomed to:  The Honest Kitchen’s “Thrive” formula, a dehydrated whole food, and Merrick Grain-Free dry kibble, a high quality dry food.  While THK is expensive, its quality is outstanding (all of THK’s options are human-grade and taste-tested by employees), there is minimal processing involved, and the Thrive formula is ideal for sensitive dogs like Lexi.  I want to give her the best nutrition possible and I think a diet with the least amount of processing and limited ingredients is the best option for long-term maintenance of her allergies and overall health.  Of course, we will consult with Lexi’s dermatologist and primary vet on her diet when she goes to see each.  We are also considering switching Zev’s diet from dry kibble to THK to provide him with more wholesome nutrition and quality ingredients, especially as he ages.  We have ordered a few samples of their “Keen” formula to try out, so hopefully he likes it!

Otherwise, not much else is new here.  We are all snuggled up inside, feeling grateful for all that we have and all the love we have received.  I wish all dogs could have the kind of life that Lexi and Zev enjoy.  I wish I could help so many other dogs in need, but at least I know that I am able to give one rescued dog a place to call home and all of the love in my heart.

Okay, that’s my sappy moment for the day.  Per usual, I have some cute pictures of the moose and monkey to share.  Enjoy!

IMG_2367    IMG_2368

ready to go for her walk!

ready to go for her walk!

couch loungin'

couch loungin’




"come on, dad, play with me!"

“come on, dad, play with me!”

Goodnight, everyone!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


3 thoughts on “Walking Champs!

  1. This is so heartwarming to read…a nice way to end my day. Sweet dreams to Lexi and Zev and a big thank you to you for opening up your home and for sharing Lexi’s (and Zev’s!) journey with us!

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