I am so happy it’s Friday!  This weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy, between laundry and bath day tomorrow, (hopefully) making it to the gym, doing some horseback riding, making some more sweet potato treats, doing some hardcore dog cuddling…oh, and the Super Bowl!  I don’t have much to say – nothing new has happened and all is well.  Lexi has not been too itchy but her paws are still flaring up and bleeding a little after activity.  They seem to be getting better slowly, though, and will hopefully continue to heal and cease to flare up once she is back on the cyclosporine.  Her boots are a godsend – they add padding to sensitive paws and help keep them clean, which is obviously very important in preventing infection.  Paws are crossed that Lexi’s cyclosporine arrives any day now!  Otherwise, life is good for our two pampered pooches, who have evolved into very good friends.  Here are some shots of Lexi doing what she does best.  Have a great night, everyone!

living the dream!

living the dream!

napping on top of dad

napping on top of dad


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