Hi everyone!  Lexi got a present in the mail today…a beautiful new collar I ordered her from 2 Hounds Design!  She came to us with a beautiful blue and green one of their martingale collars, but it is starting to get pretty worn out.  I thought I would take the opportunity to order her something pink, in typical Katie fashion (she already has a hot pink leash…).  I chose a pretty pattern called “Versailles Pink” and it has their signature soft, satin lining, which is great for a dog with sensitive skin like Lexi!  Once I got home Lexi did some modeling for me.


Zev is jealous of Lexi's pretty new collar.  We are going to order a more manly one for him soon.

Zev is jealous of Lexi’s pretty new collar. We are going to order a more manly one for him soon.

Lexi’s allergies seemed to flare up a little bit today, and we are not sure why.  It is nothing alarming, but she developed a sort of hot spot on the top of one of her hind paws, almost in between her toes.  Since we are still waiting on her cyclosporine to arrive I gave her some more Benadryl and that seemed to help take some of her itchies away.  Her skin is looking really good right now, except for her paws – she has a few flared-up spots and her pads are still very sensitive.  Hopefully a consistent amount of cyclosporine in her system will help these trouble areas within a few weeks.  Until then, we are trying to make her as comfortable as possible, and I think it’s safe to say she is one happy camper…

sleeping like a wierdo...

sleeping like a wierdo…

oh hi there!

oh hi there!

While Lexi napped this afternoon, I took Zev for a nice long walk on the beach, most of it off leash.  He had a lot of energy!  I love seeing him running and romping and playing at the beach.  It’s definitely his favorite place – there are so many smells and sand is so fun to kick around!  Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Lexi’s paws are in better shape to join us on long walks.  Zev certainly enjoyed his time alone with me, though.

big boy

big boy

sharing the couch before bed time

sharing the couch before bed time

Lexi is such a cuddlebug…if I could stay home from work every day and just cuddle with her and Zev, I totally would.  She craves affection and attention – she even fell asleep with her head in our friend’s lap last night.  She is one of the sweetest, calmest, and most loving dogs I have ever met.  She is even a wonderful patient.  Even when her paws are sensitive and ouchie, she sits like a good girl while I clean and spray them at the end of the night.  She takes meds like a champ, right off the spoon with a big glob of pumpkin, and makes the extra effort to keep her healthy and comfortable completely worth it.  Especially when she is clad in adorable sock monkey jammies.  I have said it before and I will say it again:  we are all so, so lucky to have found this “pittie princess”.  HUGE thanks to Handsome Dan’s Rescue, Laurelin, and everyone else who played even the smallest role in getting this beautiful girl to where she is today, home!

goodnight, friends!

goodnight, friends!

That’s it from us tonight.  Goodnight, everyone, and thanks for following along!


2 thoughts on “Present!

  1. Beautiful collar for a beautiful girl! Glad Zev got some one on one time too! You sure did score yourself some great parents, Lex! Now all you need is a consistent dose of meds so you can join in on the beach party.. I hope they come soon! Goodnight pretty girl!

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