Weathering Nemo

Wow, what a wild ride it has been over the past few days, thanks to the lovely blizzard Nemo.  We lost power on Friday around 5pm and endured a cold night and day afterwards.  We also lost water and heat (we have electric heat) when we lost power.  It got pretty cold in our house – we could see our breath in our flashlights!  We bundled Lexi up in her jammies and snood and wrapped some blankets around her, and she slept through the majority of the storm and did fine.  We had to resort to putting Lexi’s “house coat” on Zev because the poor guy was shivering and whining!  We wrapped him in blankets too and all cuddled together to stay warm.  The next night we decided to go stay at a friend’s house nearby, as the temperature was supposed to drop to the single digits that night.  While John joined some friends at work on their plow truck for the day, I dug out my car (with the help of my awesome neighbor, thanks Steve!) and packed up the dogs and all of our necessary stuff.  The roads were still a mess (this was Saturday evening) but we made it to our friend’s house safely and the dogs settled in.  We ultimately got power back on Sunday night and returned to the house at 11pm that night to settle back in.  Boy, am I grateful to have heat again!  I am so thankful that we had a warm, safe place to stay with the dogs and good friends, but it was a pretty big pain to pack up clothes, food, blankets, dog stuff, etc. several times.  The dogs, once again, showed me how wonderful they are.  Despite all of the cold, wind, confusion, and whirlwind of moving around, packing, and unpacking, they were so good.  They were both anxious at times, especially during the process of relocating to our friend’s house, but we made sure to give the dogs plenty of love and attention and they got to spend time with some of their favorite friends.  Lexi met a few more new people and was a perfect little lady.  They are settled back in today and Lexi even stood still in the shower for me while I gave her a bath, pouring cupfuls of warm water over her from a big pot full of water.  She has had a bit of an allergy flare-up, most likely exascerbated by the stress of the storm and relocating to a new, foreign environment.  She is doing better now that she is home and had a bath.  I think I will jump up and down with excitement when her cyclosporine arrives!  Now that life is back to normal I have some pictures to share, per usual, of our experience before and after the storm.

wearing Dad's Xbox headphones!

wearing Dad’s Xbox headphones!

silly girl

silly girl

before we lost power...

before we lost power…

poor guy was cold!  I guess it's time to get him a coat of his own!

poor guy was cold! I guess it’s time to get him a coat of his own!

we made him his own snood.

we made him his own snood.

cuddled up under a bunch of blankets!

cuddled up under a bunch of blankets!

thankful for blankets!

thankful for blankets!

nice and warm at our friends' house.

nice and warm at our friends’ house.

That’s it for us tonight.  We hope everyone else is recovering from Nemo and back home with power!  We have a lot of snow for the dogs to play in, although Zev is more interested in it than Lexi.  We are hoping to get back into our groove tomorrow and take the dogs out for a walk, now that the area around us is (mostly) plowed.  Goodnight all!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


2 thoughts on “Weathering Nemo

  1. I’m so glad you all survived Nemo…my all-time favorite picture so far is the one of Zev and Lexi cuddled up together on the couch~

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