Results already?

Hi all!  So Lexi is about to take her 3rd dose of cyclosporine, her big-gun allergy med prescribed by Dr. Tapp, the canine dermatologist she saw a few months ago.  Lexi has been on this med previously and it has shown good results, so we are now getting it back into her system after about a month and half off it.  So far she has shown no side effects, which is awesome, but we are still keeping a watchful eye over her.  We are also being especially careful to give it to her on an empty stomach, as advised.  Perhaps we are just imagining it (we were quite eager to get her back on this med), but it seems like it is already having a positive effect after only a few days.  I have read that it usually takes several weeks for the medicine to have an effect, but perhaps because she has taken it consistently before, the effects will now be seen quickly.  Several of the hot spots she had developed are much less irritated and the skin on her belly is clearing up from the red blotches that were there.  Regardless of whether or not the cyclosporine is the result of this relief, we are happy that she is making progress and are excited to see her continue to kick these icky allergies to the curb!

Big hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


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