Good day.

Hi all!  I just have another quick share tonight.  Lexi went on a long walk with Daddy and Zev earlier today at the seawall, and Daddy reports that Lexi was very good!  She even walked past another dog without too much of a fuss – John was able to keep her attention on Zev and she walked along right behind him.  This is perfect, as he calmly walks past other dogs and just goes about his own business.  I think with some more time she will really catch on and feed off his energy.  He is such a good boy.

The four of us went on another, shorter walk in the afternoon and Lexi was great.  We didn’t see any other dogs, but we did see some people and we worked on getting Lexi to stay calm and keep her focus on us until we allow her to do otherwise (she gets really excited to meet people, as well as dogs!).  It was really cute, she kept looking back at John and I throughout the walk, as if to check in and get feedback from us.  She was given lots of praise!  Lexi showed a lot of progress today and I think John and I both did a good job of giving her clear and consistent direction, which she definitely needs.  We are definitely getting there!

Otherwise, all is well and we have no changes to report.  Lexi is handling her meds very well and her paws seem to heal up more and more every day.  It is awesome to see her bounce back from these dreaded allergy flare-ups.  The world is looking very bright for this beautiful girl!

Daddy and his kids

Daddy and his kids

Lexi makes a great co-pilot!

Lexi makes a great co-pilot!

life is good.

life is good.

That’s it for us tonight.  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


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