Planning ahead…

Hi friends!  First off, Lexi is doing SO well.  Yay for cyclosporine!  Her skin is looking really good, and her paws are really healing up nicely.  It’s so exciting to see fur growing back into areas of her paws that were previously raw!  They still have some more progress to make, but it’s awesome to see her becoming more and more comfortable on them and to see her paws open and bleed much less frequently.  Her walks have also been going really well.  Again, she is still (and might always be!) a work in progress, and that is okay with us.  But she has been listening really well and is slowly becoming less reactive to other dogs on leash.  She really enjoys walks on the beach right near our house and running around with Zev.  She has been such a good girl and we are so proud of her!

So, I know we dropped a bomb on everyone with our announcement that a move to Hawaii might be in our future.  I am still waiting on the decision from UConn’s graduate department to come, so nothing is set in stone yet.  If I do decide to enroll at Hawaii (a decision I must make by the 22nd of this month, ahhh!), I still need to figure out financial aid, fellowships, scholarships, etc.  There is a lot to figure out still, and in typical fashion, I have already started to plan, just in case…

We have been researching different components of the move, primarily transporting the dogs from the mainland to Hawaii, and also the quarantine requirements in Hawaii.  I have downloaded a 4-page checklist of requirements that must be met in order for our dogs to qualify for direct release from the airport in Honolulu after processing, or else face a quarantine.  If Hawaii is definitely in our future, we will need to get started as soon as possible to meet these requirements, which include microchipping, blood work that must be processed 120 days before arrival, health certificates, import forms, flea and tick treatment, etc.  I have a headache just looking at the checklist, but the headache will be worth it to get the dogs to Hawaii safely and avoid any quarantine.  We are lucky in that we have a good friend that lives on Oahu who is willing to help us in any way he can, so we will not be going into this move completely blind.  Still, this would be a very involved, crazy process, and the move would happen in a relatively short amount of time (classes start at the end of August).  It is still an “if”, but if Hawaii is going to be in our future I want the whole moving process to go as smoothly as possible.

Anyway, here are some cute pictures of the pups to share.  They are helping me get ready for this possible move.  I don’t think they would look forward to the flight there (a component of the move that I am very nervous about!), but I think they would love the island and the weather once they are settled in.  And I am definitely looking forward to being back in school and doing what I love.  Hopefully I have a more definitive idea of what our future will look like in the next few days.

I hope you are all having a good week!

Zevy Love all snuggled up

Zevy Love all snuggled up

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

Big and Little

Big and Little

Hugs and kisses (and possibly a hula dance) from Lexi and Zev!


2 thoughts on “Planning ahead…

  1. Hey Katie! Moving to Hawaii with an animal is a BITCH. I worked at an animal hospital and one of our clients moved and was having his sister take care of the cats paperwork so the cats could be shipped. What a pain in the ass. Make sure that you go to an animal hospital that has dealt with sending animals to Hawaii before! It is a very complicated process and you are right…there is a lot of paperwork. It took a year for these cats to finally get there because the owners kept misplacing things, coming in for appointments a day late, etc etc. Its very important that you stay on schedule with all the tighters, boosters and other hooplah.

    • Thanks, Sam! I am definitely not looking forward to the whole process but I think I can stay on top of it all (hopefully). I am downloading checklists, forms, and info galore hoping to cover all of my bases. I would start classes at the end of August so we can’t afford to make mistakes and be delayed! I am going to start getting certain things done within the next few weeks (IF this is going to be a definite move), like microchipping and the rabies blood-work that has to be received at least 120 days before we would arrive. Ugh. I’m generally very organized, though, so I think I can do it, but it’s definitely going to be nerve-wracking!

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