Weathering the Setbacks

Hey everyone!  Unfortunately, we have hit a snag in Lexi’s recovery.  Remember my post a few weeks ago about our emergency trip to the vet to treat Lexi’s super swollen, infected left hind paw?  Well, we left the vet that day armed with an arsenal of antibiotics and steroids and Lexi responded well to it all.  Within a few days the swelling was gone and her paws steadily improved.  Just last week, John and I were talking about how good her paws looked and how comfortable she seemed.

This weekend, however, I noticed that her back paws were looking inflamed again, and her whole left hind foot had swelled again by Sunday.  Poor girl can’t catch a break!  She finished the prednisone she was on about a week ago but is still on the cephalexin and ketoconazole.  After speaking with our vet today, we decided to put her back on the prednisone while she finishes the course of antibiotics.  I picked up her meds tonight after work, so we will start giving them again tomorrow morning, and then every other day after that.  Hopefully another dose of the steroids, along with the rest of the antibiotics, will clear up this stubborn infection.  She handled the previous course of prednisone very well, but I will continue to monitor her for tummy troubles once it is back in her system.  I sure hope it does the job, because dealing with prednisone is such a pain!  It makes Lexi super thirsty, and also increases urination.  It’s obviously not her fault if she can’t hold it while are at work during the day, but cleaning up pee every day gets pretty old, pretty quickly!  Wee-wee pads absorb most of it, thankfully, so I picked up a new package of those today, too.  We are armed and ready to get rid of this damn infection once and for all!

Despite her paw troubles, the rest of Lexi looks great and she is in great spirits.  Her bum is constantly wiggling, because she is constantly happy when we are home!  Right now she is literally standing in the middle of the living room, watching John get ready for work, with her bum wiggling away the whole time.  Enjoy some pictures of the moose and the monkey!

antlers make everything better.

antlers make everything better.


These are Lexi's "dobby" ears.  For those of you that have seen Harry Potter, Lexi sometimes likes to channel the house elf Dobby via her ears!

These are Lexi’s “dobby” ears. For those of you that have seen Harry Potter, Lexi sometimes likes to channel the house elf Dobby via her ears!

Mom, leave me alone!

Mom, leave me alone!

That’s it for us tonight.  Please cross your fingers and paws that Lexi will handle all this medication well and recover fully!  Much love!


Antler Hog!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the sparse/lack of updates lately.  I have been busy busy busy!  Not much has been going on with us.  Lexi finished up her course of prednisone this past Wednesday, so now she has about two weeks left of cephalexin and ketoconazole to treat the infection in her paws.  She has had a lot of incontinence issues lately, and her tummy seemed to bother her this week, but otherwise she has not gotten sick and has handled the meds well.  I think the bulk of these reactions are due to the prednisone in her system, so hopefully in a few days it will have run its course and she will be feeling 100 percent herself.  The poor girl has to pee almost constantly on all these meds!  Her spirits are good, though, and I am so glad she is getting better.

Her feet look GREAT!  So much so that I have started acclimating her to short walks wearing only her back set of boots, something we had not yet able to do.  Her front paws are toughening up nicely and we have not seen any bleeding in any of her paws for several weeks now.  Her back feet were in worse shape, so we are giving them some more time to heal and strengthen by continuing to use the back boots on all walks.  We still use all four boots for longer walks, though, and plan to order a new set before our move.  I will need to re-measure her feet, though, because they changed so much in the past few months that one set is now too large for her, and they will spin on her feet and have gotten pretty scuffed up.

We are still on track for our big move to Hawaii.  The next step is to purchase our plane tickets.  We are pretty positive that we will fly out of San Jose, CA on August 12th.  Once I have all the money together, hopefully within the next two weeks or so, I will buy our tickets and book the dogs as well.  We are continuing to look for housing on Oahu and planning the other aspects of the move, from shipping our belongings there, to shipping my car out, to planning the road trip from RI to CA, and much, much more.  We have about three and a half months to go!

So, I’ll get to the good part and share some pictures.  Lexi has been such an antler hog lately!  We have two big antlers in the house that the dogs share, but sometimes Lexi likes to hoard them…







chewing together!

chewing together!

Lexi also likes to squeeze herself into tiny spaces.  I guess she likes being nice and cozy!



Have a nice week!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


Gramma, I want a burger NOW!


Gramma, I want a burger NOW!

This picture makes me giggle. Over and over. This is what I call Zev’s “mermaid” sit. We were all at my parents’ house today and my mom was grilling burgers outside. He sat on the mat right inside the door in case she needed any help cleaning up! He was very upset when he was not offered a burger. We tell him he needs to watch his figure for bikini season in Hawaii…

3 months!

Today marks Lexi’s 3 month annidoptaversary.  Wow, what a ride these last 3 months have been!  Lexi officially came into our lives, Zev Love got a little sister, we got the life-changing news that I had been accepted into the University of Hawaii’s graduate program, and the wheels of a giant, scary, complicated move from RI to HI started turning.  It has been three months of learning, laughing, loving, celebrating, worrying, planning, stressing, cuddling, going on walks and car rides, and enjoying our remaining time in Rhode Island with family, friends, and the scenery.  We have had our share of challenges and set backs, but overall it has been an incredible, amazing three months.  I can’t imagine a life without Lexi!

In some ways, these past three months have flown by so quickly.  Is it really almost May already?  But, in other ways, it seems like Lexi has been with us much, much longer.  As we all continue to grow, learn from and about each other, and embark on new adventures, we just want to say thank you for following along and giving us support, during the good times and bad.  We love you all!!

3 months of LEGS!  LEGS everywhere!  I call Lexi "Leggy" sometimes because she is quite tall, and her long legs make up the most of her!

3 months of LEGS! LEGS everywhere! I call Lexi “Leggy” sometimes because she is quite tall, and her long legs make up the most of her!

Proud Momma!

Hey everyone!  I had the last two days off work unexpectedly, so I took full advantage of the nice weather and spent a lot of time outside with the dogs.  Yesterday (Tuesday), we went for a nice walk down our road to a dock and back.


We are really lucky to live where we do, and I will miss it once we take off for Hawaii.  Good news is, we will have plenty of beaches where we’re going!

After our walk, Lexi and I took a ride to URI – I had to run a letter into one of the buildings quickly, and then we hung out on the grass by the Boss Ice Arena for a few minutes.  Lexi sat calmly as all of the college kids walked by on their way to classes.

Then, we took a trip to visit our friend Denise at Dogs In Harmony!  If you remember from my previous posts, Lexi has been pretty angsty on our past visits there.  She will walk in and be social for all of a minute, and then gets nervous and lets me know she’s ready to leave by whining, panting, and trying to chew on her leash.  I distract her with treats, but I don’t push it and usually keep our visits very brief.  Yesterday, however, Lexi marched right into the store and sniffed every bag of food she could reach, twice over.  She said “Hi” to Denise, and then sniffed some more as I grabbed another box of her food and a few more cans of pumpkin.  Only after several minutes there did she start to show some signs of anxiety, so we left as soon as she was ready, but this was our best trip by far.  She did such a great job!  We came home after that and hung out on the deck together.  They both loved soaking up the sun, and Lexi napped on a shady part of the deck for quite some time!



Today was another beautiful, sunny day, so my mom and I took the dogs to Beavertail State Park in Jamestown.  We had a great time!  My mom offered to walk Zev so I could focus more on Lexi, and he was a perfect gentleman for her.  He LOVES walks – day, night, snow, sun, on the beach, on a trail, down the road – whenever and wherever!


If you look closely, you can see the HUGE smile on Zev’s face!

Lexi did a great job too!  It was a fairly busy day with other dogs and people out enjoying the park.  We kept to ourselves for the most part, but we did have several people ask us to pet the dogs, and they both did great.  At one point a cute little girl came running through the grass toward us, without an adult.  I was a bit worried that she was going to come at the dogs too quickly, and I was ready to jump up and between her and the dogs.  Zev has always been great with children and probably would not have cared one bit to have this little girl come running up to him, but we are still learning about Lexi and what makes her tick, so I definitely did not want her to get startled by this little girl and have a bad experience.  Before she got too close, though, she stopped in her tracks and asked “Can I pet your bulldogs?” and waited for my permission to come closer.  Bravo to whoever taught her the safe way to approach dogs you don’t know!  I had her pet Zev first, while Lexi sat next to me calmly and watched, and then she came over and pet Lexi, who was very gentle with her and happy to meet her.  We soon continued with our walk and the dogs were nice and tired by the time we got back to the car.  I took Lexi’s boots off for her trip home (her feet are looking GREAT, by the way!), as her front set kept sliding down too far throughout our walk.  We need to measure her for a new pair before we go to Hawaii, since her feet have changed SO much in the past few months.  Lexi rocked her first trip to Beavertail!  I am very proud of both pups for being so good with my mom and a new setting.


On the way home, we stopped at another dog bakery/supply store we love, Johnny’s Barkin’ Bakery.  We took the dogs in to grab some treats and Lexi did great, once again!  She marched right in and was very social with the nice employee, and Zev got his usual handful of sample treats and was pleased.  Now we are home relaxing and the pups are taking a nap.  I am so happy we were able to enjoy these past two days so much, and especially happy I was able to spend time with my Mom.  My parents are incredible people and I owe so much to them.  They love John and the dogs like family, and we really will miss them when we move.  Thankfully, they are already planning their first trip out to Oahu to visit us!

That’s it for today.  Have a great week!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!

Thankful for our deck!

Hi everyone!  Zev and Lexi have really been enjoying our deck lately with the warmer weather and sunshine we’ve finally been graced with.  When it’s nice out we move some beds and blankets out onto the deck and the dogs love hanging out there.  As soon as I prop open the front door, Lexi comes prancing out onto the deck, butt wiggling wildly, and promptly plops down on the bed I put out for her.  She LOVES the deck!  I think she is practicing sunbathing for when we finally make the move to Hawaii.






Moose on a chair

Moose on a chair

Lex loves life on the deck.

Lex loves life on the deck.

Zev was so enthralled by his peanut butter Kong that he was grunting...

Zev was so enthralled by his peanut butter Kong that he was grunting…

snuggle time with the Zev Love

snuggle time with the Zev Love

Have a great week everyone! Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!