Passing the time…

Hi friends!  I haven’t done much blogging lately, partly because I have been pretty busy with work, moving preparations, Easter, birthday preparations for John, figuring out all that financial aid mumbo-jumbo for school, etc., and partly because we haven’t had too much going on to tell you all about!  No news is good news, at least this time!  Today is John’s 26th birthday and he was greeted with lots of Lexi kisses this morning.  Lucky guy!

Lexi has been doing really well with her walks lately and listening very well.  We are having a lot of fun enjoying the quiet around here before summer starts and the tourists take over!  She requires a lot of attention on walks – we are constantly  praising her, just talking to her, asking for her attention, giving commands, etc., but we have had a lot of nice loose-leash walking lately, so it is definitely paying off.  Zev, on the other hand, is a very easy guy to walk, especially since we put a No-Pull Harness on him.  He pretty much just ambles alongside whoever is holding the leash, sniffs around, and responds to our commands.  It’s pretty interesting for me to walk the two of them together alone, and has taken a little getting used to.  Lexi’s reactions to other dogs on leash is also getting better and better and she is becoming more of a lady when she sees others dogs around.  She responds well to our “leave it” command, and that is what we use when we see her become alert and interested in another dog.  Lately she requires just a few “leave it” reminders before turning her attention back to me and re-focusing.  Yay Lexi!

In terms of our move, we are on track.  The rabies antibody samples were sent to the KSU lab about a week and a half ago, and I have been checking the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s website for the weekly list of received and tested samples.  On Friday, usually, the updated list shows the animal’s microchip number followed by the date the samples were received by the lab, the pass or fail grade, and the date the animal would be allowed in the state after the 120-day wait.  Once I have that date I will move forward with confirming our flight tickets and cargo tickets for the dogs.  Hopefully we will have our date within the next week or so!  I am a little anxious about the possibility of failing the test, which means the dog does not have the required level of rabies antibodies in its blood, or something like that (I’m clearly not a science person).  The remedy is to re-vaccinate and re-test, simple enough but a process that would push our arrival date back and complicate things a whole lot.  EEEKKKK!  But, looking at the weekly PDF file of hundreds of animals tested, there are probably a handful that fail the test, and our vet said she would be completely shocked if they did not pass.  I’m trying not to think of it, but boy will I be happy when I have our results with that passing grade and entry date!

Also, when I book our flights, I will now be booking 3 adult tickets.  That’s right, 3.  John’s younger brother and uncle to the pups, Christian,has decided that he is going to make the move with us.  We are really excited, and I know the dogs will be thrilled to have him around for the journey, especially Zev.  Christian is not happy in his current job, is young (24), and decided that a change of pace, scenery, and people would be a good idea, especially at this point in his life.  We fully support him!  He is looking into jobs on Oahu and we are now looking for 2-3 bedroom houses or apartments to rent together.  John loves him so much, he is great with the dogs, and he has become a brother to me as well.  I don’t think there is anyone else I would rather have join us on this adventure!

So, I think that’s it for us today.  I need to go get ready for John’s birthday dinner!  I will be sure to update once we move forward with moving plans, and with any advancements made by the resident clown, Miss Lexi.  Until then, enjoy some pictures of the motley crew!

"the fat kid sit"

“the fat kid sit”

Lexi snuggling her little Sadie's

Lexi snuggling her little Sadie’s


showdown between Zev and the little Sadie

showdown between Zev and the little Sadie

little ball of Lexi

little ball of Lexi



Thanks for following along!  Hugs and sloppy kisses from Lexi and Zev!


6 thoughts on “Passing the time…

  1. Aloha, we too, are waiting for the official entry date for the girlz. It should be posted this friday 🙂 Test was received MArch 7th. Once that is set we can proceed with booking flights etc. We have decided to drive to CA and fly from there…that way we can also ship a car for less $$. Next step will be to find housing that will allow the 2 dogs. We’ve also decided we are just going to ship the bare necessities, not doing the big container move like last time. So many logistics it makes my head spin but it will all be worth it.
    Sounds like you’re making great progress. 🙂

    • Sounds like we have the same moving arrangements going on! We are trying to decide what we are going to do about belongings – either do a container or ship several boxes out. We don’t have a whole lot of furniture – biggest thing is probably John’s beloved 55″ TV, but now we have possessions for 3 people to send out. More decisions to make! I’m glad we’re able to share this experience, and glad that you have been through it all already!

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