Basking in the sunshine!




Hi everyone!  I’ll keep today’s post short and sweet.  We have all been doing well the past few days and enjoying the sunshine.  I took advantage of the nice weather today to do a lot of work with Lexi, and have some fun as well!  I am pretty busy during the week with work and don’t get a lot of time to really work with her aside from post-dinner walks, so I wanted to take some time to re-connect.  First, I took her and Zev for a nice long walk down our road.  I asked them both to periodically stop, sit, and keep their attention on me for a few seconds before getting a treat and continuing with our walk.  They both tend to try to barrel down the road and sniff everything they see, but they both did a good job when I asked for their undivided attention for a brief time.

Lexi peeking off the little bridge!

Lexi peeking off the little bridge!

Once we got home from our walk, Lexi and I left on a girls day adventure.  Okay, maybe it really wasn’t that exciting, but any time spent with the goon is fantastic!  Lexi was recently chosen as the “February 2013 Dog of the Month” by Johnny’s Barkin Bakery, a local dog bakery and pet supply shop in South Kingstown, RI that does a lot of awesome work with local rescues and shelters.  Zev loves their homemade treats and has been frequenting the store for a few months – he even has his picture on their giant wall of furry customers.  I decided that today would be a good day to bring Lexi into the shop for her first time and collect her prize – $10 worth of yummy treats!  We took the short drive to the South County Commons, the big shopping center where the shop is located, and I took her for nice walk around the area to settle her down and let her see the sights.  She was very excited to be in a new place!  We spent a little time relaxing on the “green” in the middle of the commons, where we worked on our “touch” and staying nice and relaxed with people passing by and a lot of activity.  She did a really good job of focusing on me when asked and staying relaxed when she saw people nearby, even though she wanted to make friends with everyone!  Once Lexi was nice and relaxed and attentive we headed for the store to meet the super nice owner and pick out her treats.  She chose a tasty bag of dehydrated beef liver treats.  Yum!  And she was a very good girl in the store.  Our first few minutes in there she was happy as can be and really relaxed.  When she started to get a little anxious, I asked for her attention again and rewarded her with lots of treats.  She now has her picture on the wall next to Zev’s!  It was a great visit and a great day of bonding for Lexi and I.

just hangin' out on the green, checking everything out

just hangin’ out on the green, checking everything out

I don't think I've seen her sit "Zev style" in the car before...he must be rubbing off!

I don’t think I’ve seen her sit “Zev style” in the car before…he must be rubbing off!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


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