…And Back to the Vet We Go.

Hey everyone!  We were having a good weekend until Sunday rolled around.  I took the dogs to my parents’ house, per usual, for laundry and bath day.


During Lexi’s bath I noticed that her left hind foot looked swollen.  Her cursed allergies have been wreaking havoc on her feet lately – the undersides of her paws are pretty raw and she has developed some hot spots on the tops of her paws.  We work hard to keep them clean with chlorhexidine pads and a wound spray, but her back feet have remained stubbornly raw in several spots and refuse to heal up nicely like her front paws have.  Her paws have gotten infected in the past while she was with the rescue, so we knew an infection was a likely possibility.

Her foot was really swollen by the end of the night, and we gave her some Benadryl to see if we could get the swelling to go down.  It was still very swollen this morning, so we decided it was time to call our vet.  Dr. Green asked to see her right away, and luckily John was able to stay home from work to take her in at 10:45 am.  Our suspicions of an infection were confirmed.  Dr. Green gave her a Meticorten/Prednisone injection to help with the swelling, cut her front nails (apparently Lexi was NOT a fan of that…) and sent John home with Cephalexin, Ketoconazole, and Prednisone to treat the infection and bring the swelling down.  So far today she has had the injection, 1 Cephalexin capsule (which are HUGE, by the way), and 1 and a half tablets of Ketoconazole.  She has been napping on the couch since she got home and seems pretty drowsy, but otherwise we haven’t seen any side effects yet.  The foot is still swollen but she doesn’t seem bothered by it at all and is walking on it alright.  Laurelin warned us that she has not reacted well to Prednisone in the past and that she will probably have tummy troubles, so we are watching out for that.  She hasn’t reacted to the injection so far, but I suspect we might have some problems when she starts the tablets tomorrow.  We will definitely keep an eye on her with all these meds in her system.

Zev sat on the couch with Lexi most of the day and seemed to be watching over her.  John said he followed her around and really seemed to be keeping an eye on her.  What a good big brother!

Zev keeping an eye on his girlie.

Zev keeping an eye on his girlie.

drowsy and curled up after her vet visit.

drowsy and curled up after her vet visit.

Hi, Mom

Hi, Mom

drowsy girl

drowsy girl

poor girl :(

poor girl 😦

getting plenty of rest.

getting plenty of rest.

So, for now Lex is resting peacefully on the couch next to me.  Then, John got the pumpkin out of the fridge to give with her cyclosporine and she popped up like a piece of toast and ran to the kitchen with her tail wagging.  She is in good spirits, at least!  Hopefully her infection will be cleared up in no time and she will be back to health.  That’s it for now.  Thanks for following along!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


7 thoughts on “…And Back to the Vet We Go.

    • He really is a sweet boy! They have had their differences, and he wants his own space at times, but he really does love her and will stay by her side when she’s not feeling well. They seem to know when the other needs support!

  1. Hope Lexi is feeling better soon, and so glad that she’s got such a great brother to watch over her (and great parents as well!)

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