Antler Hog!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the sparse/lack of updates lately.  I have been busy busy busy!  Not much has been going on with us.  Lexi finished up her course of prednisone this past Wednesday, so now she has about two weeks left of cephalexin and ketoconazole to treat the infection in her paws.  She has had a lot of incontinence issues lately, and her tummy seemed to bother her this week, but otherwise she has not gotten sick and has handled the meds well.  I think the bulk of these reactions are due to the prednisone in her system, so hopefully in a few days it will have run its course and she will be feeling 100 percent herself.  The poor girl has to pee almost constantly on all these meds!  Her spirits are good, though, and I am so glad she is getting better.

Her feet look GREAT!  So much so that I have started acclimating her to short walks wearing only her back set of boots, something we had not yet able to do.  Her front paws are toughening up nicely and we have not seen any bleeding in any of her paws for several weeks now.  Her back feet were in worse shape, so we are giving them some more time to heal and strengthen by continuing to use the back boots on all walks.  We still use all four boots for longer walks, though, and plan to order a new set before our move.  I will need to re-measure her feet, though, because they changed so much in the past few months that one set is now too large for her, and they will spin on her feet and have gotten pretty scuffed up.

We are still on track for our big move to Hawaii.  The next step is to purchase our plane tickets.  We are pretty positive that we will fly out of San Jose, CA on August 12th.  Once I have all the money together, hopefully within the next two weeks or so, I will buy our tickets and book the dogs as well.  We are continuing to look for housing on Oahu and planning the other aspects of the move, from shipping our belongings there, to shipping my car out, to planning the road trip from RI to CA, and much, much more.  We have about three and a half months to go!

So, I’ll get to the good part and share some pictures.  Lexi has been such an antler hog lately!  We have two big antlers in the house that the dogs share, but sometimes Lexi likes to hoard them…







chewing together!

chewing together!

Lexi also likes to squeeze herself into tiny spaces.  I guess she likes being nice and cozy!



Have a nice week!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!



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