Weathering the Setbacks

Hey everyone!  Unfortunately, we have hit a snag in Lexi’s recovery.  Remember my post a few weeks ago about our emergency trip to the vet to treat Lexi’s super swollen, infected left hind paw?  Well, we left the vet that day armed with an arsenal of antibiotics and steroids and Lexi responded well to it all.  Within a few days the swelling was gone and her paws steadily improved.  Just last week, John and I were talking about how good her paws looked and how comfortable she seemed.

This weekend, however, I noticed that her back paws were looking inflamed again, and her whole left hind foot had swelled again by Sunday.  Poor girl can’t catch a break!  She finished the prednisone she was on about a week ago but is still on the cephalexin and ketoconazole.  After speaking with our vet today, we decided to put her back on the prednisone while she finishes the course of antibiotics.  I picked up her meds tonight after work, so we will start giving them again tomorrow morning, and then every other day after that.  Hopefully another dose of the steroids, along with the rest of the antibiotics, will clear up this stubborn infection.  She handled the previous course of prednisone very well, but I will continue to monitor her for tummy troubles once it is back in her system.  I sure hope it does the job, because dealing with prednisone is such a pain!  It makes Lexi super thirsty, and also increases urination.  It’s obviously not her fault if she can’t hold it while are at work during the day, but cleaning up pee every day gets pretty old, pretty quickly!  Wee-wee pads absorb most of it, thankfully, so I picked up a new package of those today, too.  We are armed and ready to get rid of this damn infection once and for all!

Despite her paw troubles, the rest of Lexi looks great and she is in great spirits.  Her bum is constantly wiggling, because she is constantly happy when we are home!  Right now she is literally standing in the middle of the living room, watching John get ready for work, with her bum wiggling away the whole time.  Enjoy some pictures of the moose and the monkey!

antlers make everything better.

antlers make everything better.


These are Lexi's "dobby" ears.  For those of you that have seen Harry Potter, Lexi sometimes likes to channel the house elf Dobby via her ears!

These are Lexi’s “dobby” ears. For those of you that have seen Harry Potter, Lexi sometimes likes to channel the house elf Dobby via her ears!

Mom, leave me alone!

Mom, leave me alone!

That’s it for us tonight.  Please cross your fingers and paws that Lexi will handle all this medication well and recover fully!  Much love!


4 thoughts on “Weathering the Setbacks

    • Haha, that’s too funny! She wears baby socks with her boots, so I always say (in wierd, “elfish” voice), “Dobby has lots of socks. Dobby is a free dog!”. Yeah, I’m a little strange…
      Thank you for your well wishes! She is doing better already and handling all of the medication pretty well so far, so our paws are crossed that we can send this infection packing!

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