We can hear fireworks off in the distance, and Zev is not happy about this. He came over to me to cuddle so of course I took the opportunity to take an embarrassing picture of him. This is his worried face. Don’t fret, I gave him lots of cuddles and smooches and his big melon head is now resting peacefully in my lap. All is now okay in the Clark-Hannah household.


Quick Update

Hi friends!  We are busy enjoying our long weekend, but I wanted to update you all on the latest step we have crossed off our “to do before moving” list.  We bought our plane tickets!!  We will fly out of San Jose on Thursday, August 15th at 8:30 am and arrive in Honolulu at 10:55 am.  The humans’ tickets are all reserved and paid for, and I have reservations made for the dogs as checked baggage, although we don’t actually pay for them until we are at the airport checking in.  This whole move feels REALLY real now that we have our one-way tickets!  It’s exciting but a bit scary at the same time.

We also have our second travel crate, graciously donated to us by a Handsome Dan’s Rescue board member who had no use for it.  It is older and needs nuts and bolts to secure the two halves together, but it will do the job just fine and Lexi fits into it pretty well.  I will clean it up this weekend so she can start spending a little time in it every week (although, she already trots in and out of it on her own).  Zev is starting to get comfortable in his new crate – I gave him a Kong while he was in it the other day and he was pretty happy.

Now that we have our arrival date on Oahu, we can start to plan our road trip from RI to CA and get serious about finding housing.  Onward we go!

Zev loving on a bully stick...yum!

Zev loving on a bully stick…yum!

Moose and I!

Moose and I!



This last picture of Lexi and I was taken yesterday at Seven Arrows Farm in Seekonk, MA.  Judy and Miche, two very lovely, kind people with adopted pitties of their own, “babysat” Lexi this past fall while her foster mom was on vacation.  Lexi had an awesome time at the farm and with everyone there, and yesterday we went back to the tea room for a visit!  We had a lovely time and everyone was happy to see Lexi.  If you are ever in the area, please visit the crew at Seven Arrows and enjoy a nice cup of tea!

That’s it for us today.  We will have some more updates soon!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!

Baby Zev Love!

Just thought I would share a few pictures of Zev as a baby, from John’s Facebook page.  He was (still is!) so stinkin’ cute!

199543_1003967947962_2998_nso little!

so little!
hangin' out with his first brother, Blazer

hangin’ out with his first brother, Blazer

1 year old!

1 year old!

about a year ago

about a year ago

Fun facts about Zev:

-When he was a puppy, his name was Terminator, for his half-and-half face!

-He was the runt of his litter!  I tell people that now and I get some pretty baffled looks.  I guess it’s probably hard to imagine the giant meatball as anything smaller.  Despite his small beginnings, he is a very healthy 100 pounds.  He should probably be a bit taller, but I like him as a short stack 🙂

-He will be 7 years old next month!  I think I should have a party for him, with all his family and friends, before our move to Hawaii!

I wish I had puppy pictures of Lexi!  It’s cool looking back at Zev as a pup and seeing how much he’s grown.  I have seen some pictures of Lexi from almost a year ago, when she was first taken into Handsome Dan’s, so I suppose those will have to do.  I also like looking back at those pictures, as painful as it might be, just to see how far she has come in under a year.  She was in pretty bad shape, but she is a trooper and continues to fight the good fight.

Goodnight friends!

Busy Weekend!

Hey everyone!  We had a busy weekend and I wanted to update you all on some of the highlights.  On Friday afternoon, Zev went to the vet for his scheduled bandage change.  Here is the “after” shot:



He got his stitches out, so there is no need for the annoying bandages anymore!  Yippee!  The surgery site is healing well, and we were in and out of the office in just a few minutes (and without having to pay anything, which was also nice!).  We are supposed to limit his activity still and keep the site dry, but otherwise he should be all set and doesn’t need to be seen again at the office unless we have any concerns.  I sincerely hope we don’t see the office again until right before our move for their health certificates!

After his vet visit, we took a ride up to our nearest Petco to pick up some supplies.  I let him come inside with me for a short stroll, and we had a good trip.  He even made friends with a little dog in the store!  Having Lexi as a sister has really helped him to become more dog-social.  I know I write all the time how Zev helps to calm her and give her confidence, but she also has a positive effect on him!  They are really good complements of each other, and we all learn and grow from each other every day.

Speaking of Lexi, her paws are doing well and I am convinced she has filled out a bit in the last week weight-wise.  I have been giving her extra protein every day, usually in a “lunch time” meal, and while I have not weighed her yet I think she is looking a tad bit beefier.  I know it might take time to put a few pounds on her, but I think we are on the right track.  We are still experiencing some of the unpleasant effects of prednisone, but she is now on 10 mg instead of the 20 we started on and the effects have been steadily lessening.  We will continue to wean her down to 5 mg, where she will stay for a few more weeks before coming off it, hopefully for good!

Meanwhile, Lexi and Zev enjoyed some sunbathing on our deck this weekend, per usual:








On Saturday, Zev’s travel crate arrived in a HUGE box to my parents’ house!  This crate is the largest size allowed by Alaska Air, and thankfully it is plenty large enough for Zev.  Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, it is the Petmate Ultra Vari kennel.







Once I assembled the crate, Lexi strolled in and out several times without an issue.  She is comfortable in it already, and we will be ordering her crate within the next few weeks.  She should fit comfortably in a crate the next size down from Zev’s.

Zev, however, was not a fan of the crate.  He was crated as a puppy in an all-wire crate and did fine with it, but it took some convincing to get him into this plastic crate.  Good thing he is totally food-motivated and will follow treats into it!

hiding behind the box...

hiding behind the box…

We will work with him over the next few months to make sure he is comfortable in the crate.  A common piece of advice I have gotten from other people who have flown with dogs is to make sure it is a comfortable place for them well before the flight.  Our vet also recommended putting a shirt or similar item that smells like us in the crate with each dog, and also forego feeding them the morning of the flight to keep tummy troubles at a minimum.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for making the flight as stress-free as possible?  I think have taken all the steps I can – we will fly nonstop, early in the morning, and on an airline with a pressurized and temperature-controlled cargo hold for pets – but I am still nervous about the flight!  I personally LOVE flying – I think it is a blast – but I know it will most likely be less of a fun experience for the dogs.  I keep telling myself that it will be over in about 5 and a half hours, which really isn’t too bad, and then we will be in one of the most beautiful places, all together!

Well, that’s it for us tonight.  Stay tuned this week for another important step in the moving process!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!