When it rains, it pours.

Today was quite the day.  Lexi is doing very well and almost done with the cephalexin and ketoconazole she has been on for the paw infection.  She has a few more days of prednisone left and is looking and feeling great.  Woohoo!  She goes to see Dr. Tapp, the canine dermatologist, on Friday for her follow-up appointment.  I am looking forward to talking with Dr. Tapp and showing off how good Lexi is looking!

As for Zev Love…poor guy has been through the wringer.  To preface this story, you should know that he has had a cyst on his left hind leg, on the outside and right above the elbow, for quite some time now.  Our vet has known about it and it has been a non-issue, but at his yearly appointment in January we talked about removing it, along with a wart on his back, before our trip to Hawaii.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, when I noticed that the cyst/area on his leg around it was suddenly all swollen and clearly infected.  Just as Lexi was getting over her swelling, now it was Zev’s turn, apparently.  It swelled more and more over the next day, so we called the vet and were able to get an emergency appointment this morning.  John was able to stay home from work to take him, thankfully, and I cancelled my afternoon shift so that I could be home for at least part of the day.  Zev saw Dr. Troob, who took an X-ray of the area and decided it needed to be removed right away.  I was quite shocked to get a call from John while I was at work saying that Zev was getting prepped for surgery!  It was a pretty nerve-wracking day, to say the least, and after I got home at 2:30 we called the vet for an update.  The surgery went well, and we were allowed to pick him up at 6:30 tonight.

Upon talking with Dr. Troob, we learned that he was able to take out the “meat” of the cyst, which he then biopsied.  Best case scenario is that this was strictly an infected subcutaneous cyst.  Zev’s leg is all wrapped up in a furazone bandage and we are not supposed to do anything with it until Thursday, when we take him back to the office to have the wound looked at and the bandage changed.  Because of the area where the cyst was, it may be difficult to heal, so it will be watched closely.  Dr. Troob said something about “moving around flaps of skin”…yeah, I’ll leave it at that.  There is a small opening but the vet said it looks good so far.  If this is “just” a cyst, the tissue should heal up pretty well and we should be in the clear.  Dr. Troob is optimistic that this is the case and that Zev will be patched up in no time.

If, however, the biopsy reveals that it was a mast cell tumor or something like it, our course may change.  This is the scary “what if” that I prefer not to think about right now.  We are trying to be optimistic, though, and focus on keeping him comfortable and giving him lots of love.  We should know within a week what the biopsy reveals, and we will go from there.  He is a tough cookie, and I know that no matter what happens he will continue to be loved and spoiled per usual.

He is home on the couch now and doing okay.  He is a bit “out of it”, but he is now napping peacefully on some pillows.  Tomorrow he can have food and water again, as well as start the course of cephalexin he was prescribed (hey, those look familiar!).  We will keep him confined so that he can’t jump up and down from the couches like he usually does during the day.  Poor guy won’t be happy about it, but we want to give him the best chance to heal as fully as possible.

Lexi has been a very good girl with him and is giving him the space he needs.  She sniffed his leg when we first got home and was gentle around him.  Now it’s her turn to watch over him, as he did for her so many times.  Hopefully her support will give him the extra boost he needs to feel better.

So, for now we monitor him, keep him comfortable, and return to a more normal schedule tomorrow.  We would appreciate it if you could all send Zev some positive thoughts for a quick and easy recovery!  We will keep everyone updated on how he is doing as the week goes on.

the bum wheel

the bum wheel

taking it easy on the couch

taking it easy on the couch

getting some love from daddy.

getting some love from daddy.

poor baby :(

poor baby 😦


snoozing now.

snoozing now.

Lexi is taking over guard duties while Zev is taking it easy.

Lexi is taking over guard duties while Zev is taking it easy.

That’s it for us tonight.  We hope you have all had a better Monday than we have!  Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!



5 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours.

  1. Thank you everyone! He is doing a little better today – still lethargic and uncomfortable, but he ate and drank well this morning and is getting around the best he can. Luckily we only have a short set of 3 stairs to get up onto our deck, because we have to lift his entire hind end to help him up them! Right now he is sunbathing on the deck while I am home between shifts and he is pretty happy.

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