Quite the interesting pair…

This picture makes me laugh, and sums up their relationship, at times, pretty well:



Lexi wants to cuddle all the time – with anyone and everyone.  Zev is quite the cuddler, too, but sometimes he just wants another warm body to rest his big bum on.

Zev got another bandage change today, but we ended up at the office earlier than anticipated because he decided to completely tear off the bandage he had on.  No, he was not wearing a cone, because he had been really good all week about leaving his bandages alone (and he also despises the cone…).  This weekend, however, the bandage really began to sag and slide down because he has gotten increasingly more active since the surgery.  I imagine the wraps were bothering him once they slid down and all out of place, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.  I came home to a mess of wraps and Vetrap on the living room floor and Zev sitting on the couch with a guilty look on his face, stitches and wound exposed!  I freaked out a little and wrapped it up lightly with some gauze and an ace bandage, secured with masking tape because I couldn’t find any medical tape…lol.  He had only been alone for about an hour and a half, though, so it didn’t look like he did any damage to the wound area.

We were able to get an earlier vet appointment, and Dr. Troob said the wound looks really good!  This was the first time I had seen it since the surgery, and even I have to admit that it does look pretty good.  There are about 10 stitches still, and a small open area halfway between the stitches, but there is virtually no swelling and everything looks very clean.  Dr. Troob said that the wound no longer needs compression, and the wraps are basically just helping to keep it clean and to keep Zev from going after the stitches.  So, Zev got wrapped up again, but with a bit less bandaging this time since he is healing well.  We go back to the office on Thursday for another change.  If he starts to go after the bandages again we will have to break out the dreaded cone, but I think that as long as the bandages are in place pretty steadily, he will leave them alone.

Otherwise, all is well in the Hannah/Clark household.  I’m gearing up to spend a quiet night on the couch with the pups while John goes to work.  Goodnight friends!


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