“The Lexi Sit”

My theory is that she started to rest like this back when her feet were in really horrible shape and super uncomfortable and sore. The folks at Handsome Dan’s Rescue noticed this when she was first pulled from the shelter. Resting on your ankles is surprisingly more comfortable than putting weight on your swollen, sore paws, I bet. Now that she is stronger and much more comfortable, she doesn’t rest like this too often – perhaps more out of habit now than anything else. It could also be due to an excessive amount of time spent in confinement in her former life, or a combination of several factors – we will never really know. It’s a bit sad, but I also think it’s just one of the many things that makes Lexi, Lexi. She is quite unique!


2 thoughts on ““The Lexi Sit”

    • Thank you 🙂 She has such a great personality. She really is the perfect fit for our family, even if she isn’t perfect herself (but hey, none of us are either!)

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