Baby Zev Love!

Just thought I would share a few pictures of Zev as a baby, from John’s Facebook page.  He was (still is!) so stinkin’ cute!

199543_1003967947962_2998_nso little!

so little!
hangin' out with his first brother, Blazer

hangin’ out with his first brother, Blazer

1 year old!

1 year old!

about a year ago

about a year ago

Fun facts about Zev:

-When he was a puppy, his name was Terminator, for his half-and-half face!

-He was the runt of his litter!  I tell people that now and I get some pretty baffled looks.  I guess it’s probably hard to imagine the giant meatball as anything smaller.  Despite his small beginnings, he is a very healthy 100 pounds.  He should probably be a bit taller, but I like him as a short stack 🙂

-He will be 7 years old next month!  I think I should have a party for him, with all his family and friends, before our move to Hawaii!

I wish I had puppy pictures of Lexi!  It’s cool looking back at Zev as a pup and seeing how much he’s grown.  I have seen some pictures of Lexi from almost a year ago, when she was first taken into Handsome Dan’s, so I suppose those will have to do.  I also like looking back at those pictures, as painful as it might be, just to see how far she has come in under a year.  She was in pretty bad shape, but she is a trooper and continues to fight the good fight.

Goodnight friends!


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