Lexi is keeping busy!

Lexi is keeping busy!

Lexi LOVES this Busy Buddy Jack toy. She is going BANANAS over it right now – rolling it around, chewing, spinning the various parts, gnawing at the treats on it…in about half an hour she will be SO tired from all this work, which is awesome! It’s good to have a toy that really helps keep her little peanut mind busy, especially on gross rainy days like today!


7 thoughts on “Lexi is keeping busy!

  1. was she able to destroy the toy? I need to find something that my dog Agnes can’t chew to pieces in ten minutes or less. So far nylabones are the only item she can’t chew. She needs something to keep her busy. She is just a typical Pit mix, fun and loving.

    • She has had it for several months, and it is definitely getting worn, but it is still alive! She is a pretty intense chewer as well – the last antler we bought lasted 2 days! We give her a few days with a toy and then give it a rest and replace it with another, lol. One of the cool things about that toy is you can refill the treat part (small “rings” of rawhide that go on either side of the green spinny part), and it also comes in a few different sizes. I recommend it! It will definitely keep your girl busy and I think the larger size *should* last a decent amount of time.

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