Here’s a shot from my walk tonight with Lexi. This is right around the corner from our house in Narragansett and I love this view. It was nice and quiet and peaceful out tonight. On our way home we saw our neighbors walking across the street with their poodle, so it presented a perfect opportunity to work on Lexi’s reactiveness. A man had stopped us to ask (and give many compliments) about Lexi, so she was already sitting patiently while I talked to the man and while he pet her. She perked up when she saw our neighbors, but I was able to keep her attention on me instead of the dog pretty easily, with the help of some great treats, of course. She did GREAT – didn’t pull towards the dog, whine, or get worked up at all. It’s a small step, and something we are constantly working on, but I was very happy with how polite she was, with both the man and seeing our poodle neighbor. It was a nice way to end a long day!


4 thoughts on “Peaceful.

    • Thanks! When we first got Lexi, I think I was so intent on “fixing” her issues, too quickly – or at least making big progess right away. I soon realized that we have a long road ahead, and I have definitely learned to embrace the small victories and just keep stringing them together. She really is a good girl, just WAY too excited when she sees other dogs on leash, but with a lot of positive reinforcement and consistency we have had some really nice walks lately!

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