Furry Grandkids!

Hi everyone!  Happy Father’s Day to all of the human and dog fathers out there!  John and I spent some time with my mom and dad today, both amazing people whom I really look up to.  I make an effort to see them at least once a week – we only live about 25 minutes apart – and they both love spending time with the dogs as well.  My dad has even dubbed them “the furry grandkids”!

Lexi and grampa

Lexi and grampa

Lexi and gramma!

Lexi and gramma!

Zev has known my parents for over 2 years now, and now Lexi is really starting to get comfortable with them, as evidenced by her curling right up on them in these pictures!  The pups look forward to seeing them every week and getting treats from Gramma.  We will really miss them when we leave for Hawaii.  For now, we are enjoying our time together as much as possible, and Lexi and Zev are loving it!


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