Learning the Ropes

Hey everyone!  I have a quick post for you tonight.  To preface: when Lexi was first taken into foster care with Handsome Dan’s, it quickly became evident that she had no clue what to do with toys.  With a lot of coaxing and reassurance (and a ton of toys graciously donated to her through HDR), she slowly learned how to play and took a particular interest in things she could chew on.  Almost a year later, she still does not know what to do with certain toys, but she is definitely more comfortable in trying new toys, and she loves the ones she is familiar with, like antlers and her Jack toy (see my post about it a few weeks ago!).  Today, Lexi decided to try out a new toy, a small tire!  Zev has a larger tire that he LOVES and always gives to people to play with, but that toy is exclusively his, and Lexi knows this.  Today, Lexi sniffed at the small tire, picked it up in her mouth, moved it a few feet, and then sat by it and eyed it suspiciously:

so what's the deal with this tire?

so what’s the deal with this tire?

It was pretty comical to watch her sitting there eyeing it.  After a few minutes, she decided that the tire was okay and had some fun chewing on it:

1006180_10151441992161431_821552142_nYay for Lexi, learning the wonder and excitement of toys, one at a time!


4 thoughts on “Learning the Ropes

  1. It’s so nice when they finally feel safe and comfortable enough to relax and just be dogs! 🙂

    Hope she has lots of fun with the tire; we had that for a while until Doodle joined us and she killed it….still haven’t found a toy that girl can’t destroy!

    • So true, I love moments like this where I can tell she feels safe trying new things – especially significant with her mysterious past. Zev’s larger tires used to last a few months at most before he would kill it…but his current one has been going on a year now! I guess he is a little more mellow with his toys now that he is 7 😉

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