A Case of the Mondays!

11478_10151448602496431_1974333889_nOkay, so it was actually a pretty good Monday.  It was hot and humid here in RI, so the dogs didn’t do much until later in the evening, when John and I took them both to Black Point, a DEM fishing area in Narragansett (adjacent to Scarborough Beach, for those of you whom are familiar with the area!).  It’s a really nice, shady network of trails leading down to some large, flat rocks that are frequented by fishermen.  The trails can get pretty busy in the summer, but tonight was nice and quiet.  Lexi has been before, but it has been a few months.  She was very excited and had a lot of fun!  She is getting better and better on her walks with a lot of consistency and high value treats.  I am proud of the progress she is making!

Tonight is also Lexi’s first night on her “new” allergy regimen.  She has previously been taking a compounded form of cyclosporine, but tonight she starts on generic Atopica, 150 mg per day.  After talking with Lexi’s dermatologist we decided to try a month or so of the Atopica, and at a higher dose, in the hopes that we can really nip these allergies in the bud.  She has been scratching at her chest and under her chin a bit lately, and her feet are still problematic, but otherwise she looks and feels really good.  I am REALLY hoping that a month of two of this regimen will allow us to lower the dosage (and save some money!) in time for our move.  We shall see!

We have a lot of work to do still to get ready for our move.  The next steps are booking my car shipment, finding a place to live, and figuring out how we will get our stuff over there.  It’s a busy, busy time, but we are getting more and more excited!



2 thoughts on “A Case of the Mondays!

  1. Melvin has been on Atopica for four years. Yes, four years! We just got him off of it. While I’m happy he’s off, it was a TREMENDOUS help. We were on every day, then every two days and finally got to every three days. Good luck! Hoping for an improvement!

    • Thanks! Four years is crazy! Have you moved to another regimine for allergy control? Or does he not have many issues with them anymore?
      If it seems to work well for her (and if we can get the dosage down a little bit so the price is more manageable…) I wouldn’t mind using it long-term if it means I can get her off most, if not all, of the other meds she’s been on and off repeatedly – antibiotics, prednisone, keto., etc. Those are the ones that really suck and I hate the yo-yoing, but it has all so far been necessary to keep her paws looking decent. I am hoping, though, that the Hawaiian environment gives us less allergy flare-ups. I don’t know if there’s much truth to that, but I figure it’s a completely different climate than RI, different plants, etc., so paws are crossed that it will work to our advantage, rather than against!

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