On the road!

Today is the big day! We left home at 2:30 this morning for our trip. Right now we are about 10 hours into the drive and somewhere in Ohio. Everything has been smooth so far and we are making really good time! We have a hotel reserved south of Chicago and it looks like we might arrive a little earlier than planned, so we can relax and head to bed early. Tomorrow is another long day, ending in Colorado. We’ll be staying there for 3 nights and spending some time with friends, so we’re really looking forward to that.

The dogs are doing great on the trip-very quiet and relaxed. They have the whole back seat, lined with pillows and blankets, so they are pretty comfortable. We stopped twice so far and will again once before we get to the hotel.



The only piece of this big puzzle left is to find a place to live on Oahu! We came close to securing a cottage, but unfortunately it got rented out already. We will keep looking during the trip and, if need be, we will set up some viewings for the day we land or the following day and just find another hotel to stay in. I’m confident that we will find a place quickly once we arrive in person, and hopefully we will secure something we can move into immediately!

Well, that’s it for now! John and I are sharing the driving duties and have about 5.5 hours to go!


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