Okay, I’ll explain that title in a minute, I promise. Right now we are driving through Utah to our hotel in St. George. Here is a recap of the past few days:

-We made it to Chicago on Tuesday in great time and in great spirits. We checked into our hotel and then went back out to grab dinner and gas. At the gas station, John went inside to pay while I stayed in the car with the dogs. A minute later, some kid in a big company pickup truck hit the front end of my car while trying to inch past us, but clearly didn’t leave enough room. Oy. No one was hurt and the damage isn’t significant, but we filed a police report and the officer listed the damage as $1500+.  I was pretty pissed at first, but once I realized none of my lights got smashed I calmed down.  John was able to pop the panel back on, at least, bit the clips got smashed so it definitely needs to get fixed.  I will have to wait until my car gets to Hawaii to get a repair estimate, but the driver’s company will have to pay for everything since I was parked and clearly not at fault. That was a nice way to end an otherwise good day…

-We made it to Colorado Wednesday night and left Saturday morning. We have good friends there who showed us around and we had a great time. I think the highlight for me was going through Rocky Mountain National Park. It was absolutely stunning! They also took us to a shooting range with their three guns, and that was a blast as well.






-The altitude changes had the four of us feeling a bit off, though. The dogs had some looser poops, especially when we first arrived, and John and I were pretty weary. After a day or so, though, we seemed to be feeling good. That is, until the ride down through the mountains this afternoon, on our way out to Utah. After a pretty significant altitude decline, poor Zev all of a sudden started getting sick in the back seat. I was driving down the highway, and all of a sudden I hear John yell, “HE’S POOPING!!”! I couldn’t believe it at first…and then quickly realized that it was indeed happening, and proceeded to freak out.  We managed to pull off on a side road before he threw up/got anything on poor Lexi sitting next to him. After that he seemed a bit better and brightened up more as we drove out of the mountains, but I am going to give them dinner later tonight to let them adjust a bit. That was a fun pit stop, for sure. Good thing I have a seat cover on the back seat, although the blanket Zev was sitting on went right into the trash. Looking back I can’t help but chuckle at it, because it was just so ridiculous!

So, things have been uneventful since the afternoon (thankfully). Overall, our trip has been amazing!  Tomorrow we are going to check out Zion National Park in Utah before heading to Long Beach for the night. We bought an annual National Park pass while we were in Colorado, so we can check out any National Park we come across, including those on Oahu!
Here is a nice shot of Utah from this afternoon:


Well, that’s it for us! Hugs and kisses from Lexi and Zev!


2 thoughts on ““HE’S POOPING!!!”

  1. Looks like you’re all having a successful roadtrip! Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey with safe travels and arrive in Hawaii a happy, healthy bunch! Zev & Lexi are such troopers to endure lots of changes and traveling good babies! 🙂 It will be well worth the long hours once you are there safely! Hope everything else goes smoothly, cant wait to see pics of the pups in their new home! (and Ms. Lexi’s grass skirt!) 😉 Best of luck!<3

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