Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all your recent well-wishes and support! We have been here a little over a week now and everything is going well. We have been letting the dogs take it easy lately because they seem to be adjusting to the heat slowly. It gets pretty hot in our apartment during the day and they will just sprawl out on the carpet and veg out. We do have an AC in our bedroom, so when we go out they get to hang out in there – Lexi in Zev’s nice big travel crate and Zev just in the room with her. They are getting more used to it every day. It’s been a big adjustment, so we are taking our time and making sure they feel comfortable.

Right now, they are actually taking turns with a giant antler I got a few days ago. I go to a cute little shop in Honolulu called Calvin and Susie’s to get Lexi’s Honest Kitchen food. I saw a jumbo antler and figured the dogs needed some enrichment, since the majority of their toys and other stuff is in transit from RI right now. We have to be careful about having toys out in the house – Lexi especially can get protective of her toys if she sees Zev eyeing them, so in our old house we would just throw up the baby gate to give them each a section of the house to themselves to have a toy, or else monitor each very carefully. This morning, I let them take turns with the antler in the living room while monitoring them very closely, and each waited so patiently while the other got to chew. Good job, pups!





Lex is now utterly pooped and taking her mid-morning nap. Happy Saturday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Update

    • They have been a bit up and down lately, but she seems to be doing a lot better over the past few days. Right now, this is her regimine: The Honest Kitchen Thrive am and pm, with some spinach, chicken, and other “extras” added in a few times a week, 4 drops Rescue Remedy am, Benadryl as needed (2 tabs once or twice a day), 2 fish oil capsules pm, two baths per week (with a gentle dog shampoo until her medicated stuff arrives in a week or so) and an apple cider vinegar rinse after her baths. I have also been trying to vacuum the apartment frequently, as the carpets were really dusty when we moved in because a recent paint job. I just started doing the ACV rinse yesterday and I think that helped her a lot, as she seems very comfortable today and barely itchy. I think that will become a staple of our routine. She is adjusting slowly to a totally new environment, but I think we’re on the right track now and I think overall her allergies will be easier to manage out here. She is even starting to get a little belly now that the prednisone is totally out of her system! It feels good to find more “natural” remedies and we will use them as long as they are helping her!

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