It’s a rough life…

It's a rough life...

But someone has to sleep all day, right? Lexi is the queen of afternoon naps!


2 thoughts on “It’s a rough life…

    • They have been a bit up and down lately, but she seems to be doing better over the past few days. She isn’t on any meds except for Benadryl right now, so all in all she has been doing pretty well. The trip was pretty stressful but she seems to be evening out now that she is settling in and getting acclimated. Over the next few days I will decide if I want to bring her to a dermatologist and put her back on cyclosporine. I wasn’t thrilled with the results from the general atopica she was on, though, so I’d like to look into other options and maybe consult with a holistic vet. I’ve been rinsing her with apple cider vinegar after her baths lately and it seems to really help!

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