Making New Friends!


We have some new friends over the house tonight…Zev and Lexi have met a few of them already, but this is the first time we’ve had a couple people over at once since we moved in.  They are both loving the attention! The best part is seeing how comfortable Lexi has become with meeting and trusting new people.  She is very attached to John and I, but she is quick to relax around new people, as evidenced by this picture of her getting a belly rub from her new friend Matt! She used to be very slow to warm up to people and would be very cautious when meeting new friends and relaxing when people were over the house.  She has come such a long way! She is now happy to sit right next to new people, play a little bit (though she is still learning how, so it is very limited), and rolling right over onto her back for some tummy scratches.  Our girl has gained so much confidence!


4 thoughts on “Making New Friends!

  1. She has! It’s really cool to see her learn things like this (although, it’s a bit sad, too, that she is 4ish and just learning that there are good people in this world..). We’ve had her for almost 8 months now and she is still learning and gaining confidence every day. She has really blossomed! It takes a pretty solid dog to get through the crazy move we just had, so I’m a pretty proud mom 🙂

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