Lazy Sunday.

Hi everyone!  We had a nice lazy Sunday today, spent relaxing, watching football, and doing homework.  Lexi started off the day with a nice nap right after breakfast:

1174782_10151581992641431_915602084_nThen, we had our good friend Shawn over to watch the Cowboys vs. Giants game (John is a huge Cowboys fan).  Shawn has known Zev since he was a puppy, and Zev absolutely adores him!  Lexi hasn’t known him for very long, of course, but she loves Shawn as well and seems very comfortable with him.  He did stay with us for a few days before we moved, so she has already spent some time with him and realized that he is someone to trust.  Shawn has a key to our apartment and occasionally stops by when we’re not home, and he’s one of very few people I trust to interact with Lexi when John or I are not home.  It’s not that she does anything “bad”, but she is very attached to us and she has hardly ever been around other people without one of us there.  She has made such progress, though, since we adopted her and she really has come a long way!  Our neighbor downstairs has two young kids who LOVE seeing and playing with both the dogs, and Lexi and Zev both love spending time with them in the yard.  Lexi has been fantastic with every child she has met, after I do an introduction between her and the child to ensure both parties are comfortable.  She really is a quiet, sweet, easy-going girl when she has been set up to succeed!

I have gotten several questions about her allergies and what the situation is like out here.  It has taken her body a few weeks to adjust to a totally new climate and array of vegetation (not to mention the huge amount of stress from the move and plane ride), and her allergies seemed to get a bit worse when we first arrived, but now she is doing much better!  We continue to, and have always had, issues with her feet, and there is a small spot under her chin that she sometimes scratches just right and opens up.  I make sure to clean both areas multiple times a day and treat with antibiotic ointment.  Otherwise, her skin looks really good.  Her feet are pretty sensitive to the hot pavement and grass outside our apartment, so I have been using her boots pretty regularly again and really giving her feet some TLC.  They have actually seemed to improve over the past few days with a lot of pampering.  Lucky girl!  While I wait for her medicated shampoo to arrive with our packages from home I am rinsing her with raw apple cider vinegar a few times a week, and that seems to have really helped calm her skin down as well.  We will always have to battle Lexi’s allergies, but I think I am figuring out a routine that works for us and gives her relief while avoiding overloading her with harsh medications and chemicals.  We will, of course, bring her to a vet out here relatively soon and consult with said vet about our routine, but in the meantime she is happy and healthy!  I think she is finally putting some weight back on and filing out, too, now that she has all that icky prednisone out of her system.  I am happy with how we are all managing this transition!

Well, that’s it for us tonight.  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Here is a nice picture to leave you with…we LOVE Hawaii!!!

Sherwood beach

Sherwood beach



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