Monday Throwback

Monday Throwback

Apparently this was a chilly spring night back in RI before our big move. Please excuse me while I burrito myself in cozy comforters… Lexi looks too cute in her sock monkey jammies! We won’t miss the cold, but we will miss those cute jammies (I donated them back to Handsome Dan’s Rescue before we left so another foster dog can get cozy in them)! Zev, on the other hand, does not look amused…apparently jammies aren’t his thing.


4 thoughts on “Monday Throwback

  1. I’ve got to get busy before the weather gets any colder here in the northeast – my Maggie (nearly pure bred AmStaff) who I adopted in late April has extremely short hair – only about 1/2″ long. She minds the cold terribly, and hates being wet and cold from rain. I have plans to make her some lightweight knit pyjamas, a winter coat, and a raincoat with hood. Glad your babies won’t have to deal with cold this winter!

    • I commend you for making your own! There are a lot of great companies out there that make doggie clothing. Lex had a “winter coat” from Ruffwear that I loved! I also love the snoods from Sirius Republic-basically a fuzzy neck warmer! They will both be happy to stay warm. Zev has arthritis in his hips and knees so I think the weather will make him feel much less stiff!

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