Brag Time!


Hey everyone! I definitely have some bragging to do. Lexi has turned into SUCH a lady on leash! Over the past few weeks she has been so good on our walks and really been impressing me. We have been working so hard on our walks since we adopted her and that work is definitely paying off. We just took a quick walk around the neighborhood and she was spectacular-loose leash for every second of it, walking right by my side (I did give her a few opportunities to sniff around a bit, but afterwards she came right back to my side), no pulling at all, and totally focused on me and the treats I had. She was absolutely perfect!

Christian also told me that he took her on a short walk earlier today and they passed by a guy with a bulldog. Apparently the other dog was going on and on, barking at her and pulling toward her, but Lexi barely gave him a glance and went about her way. What a dramatic difference a few months of hard, consistent work can make!  I know our walks might not always be so perfect, but I am so incredibly proud of all the progress she has made since she was first rescued. Passing or even going near other dogs on our walks used to turn into an ugly battle. Now, Lexi has so much confidence in us and herself. Yay, Lexi!!


3 thoughts on “Brag Time!

  1. Thank you!! For the longest time she made progress little by little, which I am okay with, but it’s awesome to see things click and come together! I think Hawaii really suits her-she is so relaxed and easy-going and confident out here, for whatever reason. I’m going to start bringing her around the island more – hikes, doggie stores, etc. and keep working on all this!

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