Lexi is Thankful!

Hey everyone!  This year, Thanksgiving is extra special, because it is Lexi’s first Thanksgiving in her forever home!!  Last year, Lexi had a wonderful Thanksgiving with foster mama Laurelin and came up with a list of things she is thankful for.  I would like to continue that this year, especially in light of all the changes that have taken place in our lives in the past year!  Without further ado, here are some of the things Lexi is thankful for:

1.  Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pit Bull Type Dogs and all the wonderful people who gave her the medical care, training, and extra support she could not get in a shelter setting.  If you haven’t heard of Handsome Dan, check out his facebook page!  He is Vicktory dog whose wonderful adopters started a rescue organization in his honor.  They pull pit bull type dogs from RI shelters that are considered “difficult to adopt out”, whether it be for medical, training, or other reasons.  If Lexi had not been pulled by HDR, she would have been euthanized.

2.  Couches!! Lexi LOVES ‘her’ couch.  Yes, she has claimed the smaller of the two couches as ‘hers’.  If you ask really nicely, she just might let you occupy half of it for a little while.  Or, she might just stretch out across the whole thing.  She has been known to fall asleep on said couch in the middle of the day and start snoring (often loudly)!


3.  Antlers!  Lexi absolutely loves antlers! They are her favorite thing to chew and can keep her occupied for HOURS.

4.  Walks!  Although Lex is a couch potato, she does love going for walks, especially at night when it’s cool outside.  We have a lot of fun exploring new places and seeing new things!  She has become a pretty stellar walker, for the most part, after a lot of hard work and consistency.

5.  Warm weather, thanks to Hawaii!  Lex is a winter weenie no more.  It’s about 85 degrees out today!  Our little girl seems to enjoy the warmth.  I will miss her super cute sock monkey jammies, but I decided to donate them back to HDR so that another winter weenie can use them.  Thanks to those jammies for keeping Lexi nice and warm when we got hit with a blizzard last February and lost power for 4 days!

6.  Crate training!  Lexi’s crate is her safe place, where I know she always feels comfortable.  I give a lot of credit to the crate for helping to keep Lexi sane throughout our epic road trip and flight from California to Hawaii.  A trip like that is a lot for any dog to deal with, but she made it through with flying colors!

7.  Treats!  Luckily, there is an increasing variety of high quality, grain-free treats available.  I am very particular about what I feed her, and I always read labels.  Usually, the less ingredients, the better for Miss Sensitive.  Whether I am looking for smaller training treats or nice biscuits, I have found a lot of great options at our local pet stores.

8.  Her big brother, Zev.  They have had their differences, but what sibling pair hasn’t?  Their bond really seemed to strengthen during the road trip, and they looked to each other for reassurance and comfort.  They have both taught each other so much already.  And Zev’s butt makes a nice pillow sometimes, too.

9.  Her people!  Lexi LOVES ‘her’ people.  For a while, that included just John and I, but as her confidence has grown she has learned to trust others more and more.  She wants nothing more than to please people and just be near them (and maybe give some kisses as well).  One of my friends told me this weekend that Lexi is the sweetest dog she has ever seen, and I have to agree!



10.  Big comfy dog beds!  There is a big comfy dog bed in our bedroom that Lexi and Zev both sleep on together at night (awww).  Drape a soft fleece blanket over it and Lexi is in heaven!

11.  Malaseb shampoo!  I give Lexi a bath every 5 days or so right now with malaseb shampoo.  It does wonders for reducing her itchies and keeping her skin looking good.

12.  Health!  While we continue to deal with Lexi’s allergies, overall she is a healthy, happy girl.  When we do have struggles, I remind myself that things could be much worse.  Lex is also thankful that Zev is healthy.  The scar from his emergency surgery a few months ago is healing up nicely and he looks better than ever!

13.  A home.  Lexi had the best foster care imaginable, and for that we will be forever grateful.  All the work that Laurelin and HDR did with her got her ready for a happy life with us.  She fits into our lives so seamlessly it feels like we’ve known her for years.  She has truly blossomed into a fun, sweet, confident yet goofy girl.  While we have had struggles and setbacks and frustrating experiences, it has all been worth it to give Lexi the life she deserves.

There are many, many other things Lexi is thankful for, but we’ll leave you with these 13 major things as we get ready for the holidays. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, human and furry alike!


Homework Helper?


Homework Helper?

I think Lexi is giving me the evil eye because I’m writing papers instead of giving her scratches and cuddles. Don’t fret, she received plenty of lovings during my all-too-frequent homework breaks!