Back to the Vet

So, Lexi went back to the vet for the third time (this was her second re-check).  There is good news and bad news:

Good news:  

Her skin and paws are looking really good!  We have always had issues with her paws because of her allergies, but we do get a few months at a time where they look more-or-less “normal” and barely crack, bleed, swell, etc.  So, anytime we have good-looking paws is awesome!  Also, her weight is back up!  He’s just shy of 65 pounds now and looking SO good and filled out.  She just looks very healthy and happy.

Also, she did somewhat better at this past vet appointment than the last two.  I did give her a dose of Ace again, and she was still very anxious about the whole experience.  BUT, the staff at the office is great about working with us to help reduce her anxiety.  We check in from the parking lot, they let us in a side door, we go right to the scale and then right into the exam room with the tech.  The techs are great and love on her, give her treats I bring, etc.  I am also really happy with her vet.  Dr. Dean is so patient and compassionate, and I never feel rushed out the room or into a decision.  Anyways, while Lex was still very anxious, she finally started to interact with the staff and looked to them for lovin’s and petting!  She stood still like a lady while Dr. Dean did another ear smear and even snuck a kiss to her!  She also did well when Dr. Dean took her to the back to administer her vaccines.  She was reluctant to leave me at first, but I walked her to the door and off she went through it with Dr. Dean.  It was nice to see her start to open up, and the staff respond with lots of praise and lovin’s.  We’ve still got work to do with our vet visits, but baby steps like these are great!

We also got all of Lexi’s yearly check-up stuff out of the way since she improved from the last visit. 

Bad news:

Poor girl’s ears are STILL very infected, after more than 3 weeks of treatment.  It visibly looked like they were much better, but the smear showed yeast still in the left ear and yeast, bacteria, and now rods in the right.  Dr. Dean is concerned that the rods in the right ear are indicative of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, so we did a culture of the right ear.  Within a week we should know exactly what is in there and what will actually work to treat it.  It doesn’t seem to bother her much (except when I have to clean it and put the drops in, of course), but I would love to finally get rid of this bacteria!

We will probably need to do one more re-check after we figure out exactly what this bacteria is, but hopefully after that we will get a break from the vet!  Zev also has an appointment there next month for his yearly check-up and vaccines.  He has been doing really well, although we have noticed that his back end seems to get stiff on chillier days, and he does have arthritic knees and hip displasia that is common to his breed.  About 98% of the time he feels great and gets around with no issues, but we will talk with Dr. Dean about the possibility of putting him on a joint supplement to help keep him comfortable.

Aside from vet visits, the semester has started up again and I started a position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Sociology department.  That means lots of grading!  I am really enjoying it though.

We are also moving, yet again!  But this time it’s about 20 miles instead of 6,000.  We found a nice little house with a fully fenced yard on the North Shore of Oahu, famous for it’s big waves during the winter (we got 50-60 foot waves this week, the biggest in a decade)!  We will be a block away from the beach and also near a nice bike path.  The house is small, and we will be living with our good friend Shawn, who I think Lexi has a crush on!  It does have a big screened in porch, though, which is really neat, and after acclimating the dogs to having other dog neighbors through the fence I’m sure they will love having a yard.  

So, busy busy again!


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